At Below Parallel, we like to keep it simple. Our standard membership covers access to the gym during all opening hours and 24/7 member access, as well as supervised training for just $45 per week.
You’ll be guided through our 12 week periodised strength program after an initial assessment by our head coach, working with other members, with the option of Olympic Weightlifting or Conditioning.
Each week, you’ll be given a new tailored program, scaled to your level.
Our training isn’t like box gym classes, or the usual ‘group fitness’ classes. You’re not lifting in sync. You’re not being yelled at. You work at your own pace, or with a lifting partner, with correction or assistance where you need it, in order to get the work done. There’s no time limit and you don’t need to leave when the next class begins.

2 Deadlift Platforms

2 Weightlifting Platforms

3 Squat Racks

4 Competition Grade Bench Presses

6 Station Functional Rig

Valhalla, Rogue & Texas Bars Out The Wazoo