Free Introductory Week

Why Below Parallel?

We have two membership options that give you full access to our professionally-equipped strength training facility.

Option A: You want the full package complete with a full program

  • 3 different programming styles to choose from (powerlifting, Olympic lifting and bodybuilding)
  • 24/7 Access
  • Access to the app to track your progress anywhere, anytime
  • Qualified coaches on-site to assist 13+ hours per day

Option B: You have a coach or self-coach, and want access to the best equipment

  • Access to all gym equipment
  • 24/7 Access

We understand everyone is looking for something different from a gym.

At Below Parallel, we want you to want to be here. We want you to get the results you want, and enjoy the process of getting them.

New members are invited to trial Below Parallel for a week with a complimentary initial assessment session.

Head Coach Beau will look at (or demonstrate) your squat, bench, deadlift and overall technique so we can make the appropriate recommendations for you to get the most out of your training.