Below Parallel
Barbell Club

As our name suggests, strength and technique are the hallmarks of training at Below Parallel. We cater to you if you’re a powerlifter, weightlifter, Cross Fitter, or anything in between. Each style of training has its benefits, so we incorporate aspects of each.

We have invested in high grade equipment so that if your focus is on a specific style of lifting, you can be sure that your training won’t be hampered by substandard gear. If you’re brand new to training, then your best option is to get proficient from the start. Programming, technique, structure; it’s all here.


Below Parallel initially emerged from an idea to build a training environment where the ultimate pursuit of strength and technique is paramount. Years spent watching people waste their time in commercial gyms with no direction and no knowledge led to the desire to create a space where the true fundamentals of training could be acquired and applied by everyone, without having to rely on cheap equipment, overpay an under-experienced personal trainer, or rely on ridiculous gimmick workouts.

Commercial gyms are filled with machines designed to make difficult movements easier, rather than filling them with people who can teach the difficult movements. We are a barbell club. We rely on the base techniques of powerlifting and weightlifting and pair these movements with other established methods such as gymnastics and sports conditioning to develop strength, power, skill and fitness. Nobody who decides to train at Below Parallel is just left to their own devices; everyone will know what they’re doing and why.

Training is based around the acquisition of strength and structured over 12 week blocks, with a quarterly testing week. Education and technical improvement are the primary focus for your first 12 weeks and remain the core of all your training. Our strength program incorporates fundamental olympic weightlifting positions to allow an easy transition to this style of lifting for those who interested in the extra challenge, without the technical elements. Specific olympic weightlifting programming is optional for those who want it. Additional conditioning and mobility programming are there for overall fitness, strength and recovery.

Meet the Trainers


Director and S&C Coach

Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (Hons), ASCA Lv 1, Level 1 Sport Trainer
Level 1 Weightlifting/Sports Power, Cert III/IV Personal Training.

Beau has worked as a PT and S&C coach for 10 years, in Melbourne and Brisbane, training all walks of life. The opening of Below Parallel Barbell Club represents the culmination of many years of training, and represents the core of what training should be about: strength, skill and conditioning.

Likes: Improving his snatch
Dislikes: Smith Machines
Training music: Metalcore, hardcore, hip hop, 80’s rock classics.



A former IT business owner and raw powerlifter, Matt is the furnace of the business side of Below Parallel and has possibly the world’s largest natural quads. A staunch advocate of training without any form of supportive equipment, “if your body can’t lift it or hold it then get stronger” is a common phrase of his. He is considering squatting with a belt in 2018.

Likes: Grill’d
Dislikes: High Squats
Training music: Happy hardcore and rave podcasts