Welcome to Below Parallel Barbell Club

As our name suggests, strength and technique are the hallmarks of training at Below Parallel. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a powerlifter, weightlifter, Cross Fitter, or anything in between, we will make you stronger.

We have invested in high grade equipment so that if your focus is on a specific style of lifting, you can be sure that your training won’t be hampered by substandard gear. If you’re brand new to training, then your best option is to get proficient from the start. Programming, technique, structure; it’s all here.

New Tailored Programs Weekly

On Site Parking

Coaches Onsite

Comp Grade Equipment

Bathrooms & Showers

No Half Squats

Technique, technique, technique. It’s the foundation of everything we do here. We don’t move the weights up until we’re confident you’ve nailed your form.

No Gimmicks

There’s no such thing as a ‘quick fix’. Gimmicky workouts and diet plans have no place here. Just consistent adherence to the program & “trusting the process”

Top Trainers. Top Equipment.

Anyone who trains here can vouch Matt & Beau don’t take a lot seriously, but they take lifting seriously.

Quality Rogue & Comp Grade Equipment.

The Below Parallel Team

New to Below Parallel?

Try us out with a free introductory week plus an initial assessment section with head coach Beau.